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Kent Cornell

| January 11, 2021

--If we thought the craziness would end in 2020, I guess we were wrong.

--We've seen all kinds of civil unrest the past few years, brought on by the pandemic, the death of George Floyd, and now the election.

--Power has shifted in Washington, which for some is seen as a good thing and for others....well...not so much.

--But despite the optics, the large us stock market closed at a record high.

--The majorities in both branches of Congress are razor-thin, which means it's highly unlikely we'll see major changes over the next two years. But even if we do, companies and markets have a way to adjust. The pandemic has been awful to mom and pop restaurants. But it's been a blessing to Kroger, Amazon, and P&G. You don't have any family restaurants in your portfolio. But you do own the other three companies I just mentioned.

--For those of you old enough to remember, think back to 1968. We've been here before. And we'll likely be back. Freedom is messy. It's often abused by those who exercise it.

--It's easy for me to tell you to remain optimistic and calm. I get that. But if we are to think logically, we must recognize our ability to rise above turmoil is the norm, not the exception.

--I offer this one piece of advice: Stay informed but don't overwhelm yourself with news. Read the news rather than watch it. TV is all about feeding to your emotions. Watching the same scene, again and again, isn't informative.

--Lastly, I'm here if you wish to talk.